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Company Profile

Suzhou MTS Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech production enterprise which integrates scientific research, design and manufacture.The company adheres to the concept of "innovation, quality, efficiency", condensing a large number of high-quality R & D talents. The company integrates the latest technology and human resources, committed to providing customers with integrated and systematic solutions to meet the personalized needs of customers. According to the process characteristics and production requirements, the company develops and designs a variety of whole set special production lines , special stand-alone, automatic control system for customers.

The company attaches great importance to technology accumulation and talent training, with a senior technology research and development team composed of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and software engineers. Relying on advanced CAD/3D software / CAM/CAE design and analysis system; mature acoustic, optical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic application and supporting systems and their own precision processing equipment advantages, the company actively opens up the market, providing suitable technology and high-quality whole set of equipment for many foreign and domestic-funded enterprises.

The company business involves semiconductors, automobiles, new energy, home appliances, bearings, pharmaceuticals and food industry and other industries.